Winter is for Layering

Fall / Winter

One of the reasons why I love winter is the chance to add layers. Sport coats with sweaters. Suits with scarves. Overcoats and vests. The possibilities seem endless when combining textures from different fabrics with the function of sartorial pieces. Layers give you the ability to not only look stylish but to monitor your internal temperature as well. Hot blooded? Maybe you don't need an overcoat...a nice flannel suit and tech vest will do the trick. A little on the cold blooded side? A classic overcoat works well paired with a wool suit and perhaps a cashmere sweater underneath. Either way, make the most of it. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


Matching vs. In Accordance With
"Matching" and "In accordance with" are very different things. Matching tends to give the appearance of a "purchased look" - which isn't the goal.
Take a minor color in one garment and pair it with a major color in another.

Be Smart

One thing we cannot do is predict the weather. It's always better to have more lightweight garments on - think cotton tee, button down, cashmere sweater, vest and scarf than one or two pieces that are extremely heavy. Start small.

Easy On The Color

One, maybe two vibrant colors are allowed. For the most part stick with neutrals. In the Fall, I like greys, browns, greens and pops of color from orange, maroon or purple. All interchangeable as you can easily find these colors in your natural surrounding.

Pattern Scale

When layering you need to watch the bold checks and patterns. Going with a large check or plaid overcoat? Settle in with a nice solid suit and a smaller patterned shirt. When in doubt go solid but in different textures (wool, silk, etc). Patterns should always be of different varieties. Large check, medium check, small check. Never two of the same. A loud jacket does not need loud pants. The accessories should whisper.

Texture Variation

Wool and cashmere coat. Cotton shirt. Moleskin pants. Grenadine tie. All give a different dimension and can easily be worn on their own - which is the point when it heats up and you need to start peeling off. This ties in with investing in great garments. All "go to" pieces get better when layered together.

So just a few thoughts on layering this season.  Any questions?  Hit me up!

All the best-


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