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Our Story

Founded by David Watkins in 2009 with a showroom in the center city of Charlotte, North Carolina, ABBEYDALE offers a unique approach to creating elegant and versatile wardrobes. We invite you to view "a founder's story" below to meet David and learn a little about the journey of ABBEYDALE.

"Fit is first" has always been and will continue to be my mantra.  After fit comes quality.  A mans character shows in the way they wear their clothes and the quality of their clothing.  I come from an ideal that clothing should be in it for the long haul. The only definition of style is fit and quality.  This is not a fashion brand, it's an essentials brand.  I believe in buying less, but better.  That true style is timeless.  That your picture today should be applauded 20 years from now, even if you have a little more gray in the beard.  I welcome you to ABBEYDALE." - DW

David Watkins // Founder + Gentleman

David Watkins // Founder + Gentleman