5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand

You'll hear me talk about presence, perception, and your personal brand a lot.


Because I’m not only a clothing guy. I offer confidence, I sell the power of knowing what you have, and not needing to be told.  I set you up for remembered handshakes and your best looking elevator pitch. My service is an investment in yourself, and you my friend are your best bet.

So, why are some people remembered while others forgotten? The short answer, presence. How you carry your head is just as important as what's in it. We all know the basics of business psychology, firm handshakes, eye contact, keep your voice full of conviction, but what about the details? That's what today's post is all about, the small details, what they are, how they affect you, and how to make them work so you create the future that you deserve.

1. Tailoring: Invest in proper tailoring. It's sad to hear from clients that their closet is littered with clothing that fits awful.  When I ask if they've seen a tailor about it, the usual response is, "I didn't want to waste the money". To me, this is flawed logic. Think of tailoring as a necessity, not a luxury. Whether you paid $2000, $200 or $20 for your suit, get some keen hands and experienced eyes to make you look your best.  It's a small cost with huge upside on your confidence.

2. Shoes: Proper shoes are often the next most overlooked detail of a killer look.  Ever heard the saying, "A man's shoes should tell you where he's going, not where he's been”?  Visit your local shoe shine guy on the regular. $10 and 10 minutes of small talk later and you're ready to take on a new direction.

3. The Knot You Tie:  Stop over thinking this.  I tie the same knot every time I wear a tie.  The Italian four in hand. It looks great, it's easy to do, and works with a wide range of collars, and necks alike. Stay away from the thick overbearing double Windsor knot or whatever the trinity knot is, and keep it simple. Please.

4. Baggage:  Book bags are a marvelous invention, allowing users to evenly distribute the weight of the bag between both shoulders.  They also somehow make it seem like you're always late for econ class. Once you've parted ways with your collegiate self and entered the world of adulthood, put the book bag to rest.  Get yourself something you can be proud of, something that will last, heck, something your grandad would carry! You need a bag letting others know that what you're carrying is super important because it is.  Just like you.

Side note:  The straps on a book bag wreak havoc on the shoulders of a suit. So if you HAVE TO wear a bookbag, please leave the suit jacket at home.

5. Sunglasses:  There's nothing wrong with shades for active wear.  But if your roll calls for dressing up, I'd suggest adding an alternate pair of shades to play the part.  The pair you wore yesterday on the back nine is not going to work for the 9-5. Also, they sit on your face for Gods sake.  Take pride in your sunglasses, and watch the compliments come rolling in.

Alright, so those are 5 things I've seen that can improve your personal brand rather quickly.  I'm here to help you look your best and to feel your best so you can be your best.

Any questions?

Hit me up.

All the best,


David Watkins