Look vs. Investment

As the consumer, you need to decide “Do I want a look or something I can invest in?”  More expensive garments will last longer--you know this. On the other side, if you are unsure about a particular style of jacket - say a double breasted for the fall, a “look” might be what you need. There are plenty of brands who are experts at the “look.” They keep up well with current trends, they are experts in styling and presentation. This is great to get a feel for trying something new, or operating on a budget. We all do this. It’s OK.

A look will never perform like an investment piece. A custom jacket will always present a better you. A look will satisfy your willingness to try something new and remember, a look can always be made into an investment. Both serve a purpose. The decision is yours.

A few examples of good investments and good looks:

Classic Tuxedo - “I have three to four black tie events a year and always need to look my best.” - INVESTMENT

Holiday Jacket - “I’ve been thinking about trying a red velvet sport coat for my company holiday party.” - LOOK

Classic Grey Solid - “I need a solid grey “go-to” business suit that doesn’t draw too much attention.” - INVESTMENT

Windowpane DB Suit - “I’ve been seeing double breasted jackets in all of the magazines and really want something bold...perhaps a windowpane.” - LOOK or INVESTMENT

Either way, I encourage you to experiment with your wardrobe. Weigh the pros and cons and let me know what you think!

David Watkins