6 Ideas To Make You Look Your Best

Here are 6 super important factors to activate if you want to stay consistent with your wardrobe and always look top notch.

1. Positive experiences create positive outcomes. Enjoy the company of your tailor.

Building a wardrobe is a collaboration between you and your tailor and you want to make it enjoyable which, in turn, will make it last.  This is a process and truly would suck to not have a teammate with your best interest at heart.

2. Be the best dressed person at your wedding. (Or anywhere you may be photographed)

You’re going to want to admire these pictures 20 years from now and you better look and feel your best.  I’ve seen too many weddings ruined with ill fitting rentals.  Make your outfit count. And do it for your partner. They definitely deserve your best effort.

3. Ever uncertain: A white oxford shirt.

It’s been time tested, over and over.  A man will ALWAYS look sharp in a clean white shirt.  Whether formal or casual, you can’t go wrong. Have several on all times.

4. Chinos will look their best a year into them.

Give them time. Wear them hard.  As they break in, they become “your pants” and that lived in look portrays a comfortable confidence.  Pair with #3.

5. Fitted is good. Slim everything. Skinny nothing.

This will keep you looking timeless no matter the year, season etc.  Dress for the body type you have, even if on the heavier side. Your gear should still fit you well.  Tailored clothing can hide flaws and is the quickest way to lose 15 lbs instantly - just by having a well tailored jacket.   

6. Even casual style demands good shoes.

Shoes are the foundation bricks for your beautiful custom home.  Without a solid and sturdy foundation your wasting your time. Make the shoes count. Don’t believe me, ask the ladies.

All the best-

PS:  If you know of anyone who could use this guide, Please feel free to forward. Cheers!

David Watkins