The Expediency Factor

Are you guilty of the principle known as the expediency factor?

The what?

The expediency factor. A principle assuming human nature solves problems using the most convenient approach with the least amount of effort.

Sound familiar?  We're all guilty of this at times.

The fact is, every minute of everyday we battle with this.  We should be doing what we know is right, hard, and necessary versus what’s easy and of little value. The expediency factor isn’t easily defeated.

One example that I deal with on a regular basis is that of clients using the expediency factor when choosing how to present themselves.

It’s so easy today to hop in the car, drive to a store and buy a suit. Sometimes at extremely low prices. You have a wedding coming up, you need to wear a suit...problem solved.

But how is this scenario affecting your personal brand?

Notice I didn’t say you need to look confident, sharp, well put together, thinner, modern.  You "just" need a suit.

But what if you acted in a manner of preparation?

What if you planned ahead?

What if you knew what to get and why?   

This is treating your personal image with utmost importance and I can assure you it has impact.

So what if next time, rather than doing what was easy and of least resistance, you went an extra step and prepared. Did a little research and made a solid decision in how you wish to present yourself.

And you know, working with a professional is actually easier and more expedient than attempting this by yourself.

So what if?

All the best,


David Watkins