Progress and Staying

A common theme I hear when guys first start really thinking about building out a wardrobe…one that will carry them for a while is... "that's a lot of clothing" or "I have so far to go."

I hear you, but please understand this - building a great wardrobe takes time.

And it should.

Make no mistake ...the best dressed guys in the world tend to be of older age. Why? They know who they are, they know what works for them, they have a plan and stick to it.

Nothing great is built overnight.

The same can be said for your wardrobe.

Focus on the essentials first.

Get the fit right.


What fabric weights are you comfortable in?

What colors do you keep going to? Those are working for you.

What's instilling more confidence in you? Buy more of that

...then a little more, until one day it's hard to make a decision because you really do like everything in the closet.

You will know when it all works together in symphony.

Stay on the path of buying better but buying less. That's progress. Bit by bit develop the best dressed you.

Be patient my friends, the journey is what makes all of this fun.

All the best,

David Watkins