Minimalist Dressing

One awesome perk of my career is having a front row seat to some pretty amazing transformations.  

One that consistently shows up is a switch from sporadic purchases (shotgun approach) to minimalist dressing (sniper/targeted) approach.

What is minimalist dressing you may ask?

It’s an intrinsic nod to quality, functionality and purpose.  

Doing away with complex and unnecessary embellishments.  

It’s comfortable and versatile.  

Minimalist dressing is essentially a simplified look to cover varying or even all occasions.

My advice is always to build a small wardrobe with quality classics that you’ll feel comfortable in and that will last.  

It’s a strategy built around solid, neutral colors, that can all work together…which is ideal for men as it doesn’t need much thinking.

Favor the classic…

Strive for longevity …

And bring the minimalist philosophy into your game plan.

It’s a powerful, freeing transformation…

And it’s easier than you think.

Let’s chat about it.

All the best,


David Watkins