Simple and Sharp

Happy 2019!

Make no mistake...when backed into a corner I always prefer my clients to keep things clean and simple over mixing patterns and colors.

The best dressed men are so because the plan is simple. Great fit, great fit and well, great fit.

Michael Caine - solids on solid. James Bond - solids on solids.

You get the point. 

Notice a theme?

Here are a few items and a simple take on them to present yourself powerfully and with personality in 2019 and beyond.


The occasional pattern play is good, but for the most part stick to corporate color solids. Solid palettes in whites, blues, pinks and lavenders.

I favor clean white and baby blues in mid-weight oxford cloth and a spread collar.

It's a go to, never fail scenario.


First and foremost the cut is everything.

But you know that by now.

Consider cloth in solid navy or grey in flat wool cashmere blends.

Make room for cloth with character like something with a little silk woven in to offer the slightest shine. A subtle glen plaid works as well.

Simple is not boring, when the cloth is for kings (!)


This season we are seeing more and more chromatic looks.

Grey on grey, navy on navy etc.

Move beyond the shiny silk ties and look for textured cloths in wool and cashmere. This will add character and allow you to stand out in the board room without turning heads and screaming "look at me!".

Double 4-in-hand knot and keep it moving.


It's that time of year and in the south, and an overcoat is somewhere you should really invest.


Because it's not a common piece but when needed, it's a chance to shine. Similar to a tuxedo, this is an area where you can win easily.

A good wool or cashmere overcoat is one of incredible first and last impressions (you are not wearing it in the meeting but that initial handshake speaks volumes)

Get the fit close on the sides and snug in the's not a blanket. Stick with grey or navy.


Shoes: For this look we will stick with dark brown or black shoes.

Simple oxfords or an elegant monk strap are all you need to make a confident statement.

Accessories: Simple.

We don't want anything taking away from this overall sharp look.

Quiet jewelry let's the man speak - not his adornment

We can learn a lot from 1965. CAINE, CONNERY, AGNELLI.

All the best,


David Watkins