The Knot You Tie

Good morning,

It's no secret that I love a good tie - used for both casual and business. I strive for relaxed elegance, achieving a confident approach to modern dressing.  If the suit is the business card, our ties are the hand shake and the smile.  

Here are a few notes on the approach I take.

As in all the things, it is a matter of size: the correct one stays between 3"-3.5" at it's widest point. Slim never skinny.  I prefer 3.25".  It's never going out of style.

• The knot: It's important to learn to do it without tightening too much, avoiding the "hung" effect. I prefer the four in hand knot (shown here). And no, after wear, you can't leave it tied.  Always untie it in the evening and hang to reduce wrinkles.

• The material: I like heavier weighted silk jacquard for regimental stripes, and solids.  A lighter silk for printed patterns. I stay in my lane of elegant tones, and specifically lean to my favorite core colors of navy and gray.  I love wool patterns for winter clothing and ride with silk, linen and cottons for spring.

• A tie for every occasion: During the day I prefer the occasional (insert kinda rare) pop of color and perhaps some pattern. In the evening I always opt for a darker tie and almost always solid.

• Don't take my advice:  This may slow your ability to develop your own style. The only rule is to follow your instinct. Try different colors, textures, and weights.  When you've settle on your "style" and what you're choosing is coming from a place of confidence, you'll know it.  And confidence always produces the best results.

• But...please follow logic:  I'd avoid wide and showy patterns, also pale and anonymous ones. Remember that the tie reveals the personality.

• I prefer: Even tint ties in defined colors. Small patterns (dots, little squares, small prints). Ties with lines of two or three colors at the most. Anymore than that and you are flirting with the tie overpowering.

• Combinations: Avoid the overlap of a patterned tie with a checked shirt.  And  avoid combining "all-stripes". Stripe tie, stripe shirt, stripe suit. I call this "3 stripes and your’e OUT". Remember it.

• Never match your tie and pocket square: This is useless affectation.  

What would you add to this list? I'm here to answer any questions and always like to hear from you.

Oh, and if interested in my tie selection, you can shop here.
With purpose,

- DW

David Watkins