Selecting Your Source

Good morning...

OK, so this is kind of weird to discuss, because, I’m pretty much talking about myself here, but I wanted to shed some light on things you should expect from the person making your clothing.  

Not everyone who reads Sunday Morning Coffee knows me, or cares to, and that’s OK…these are just my thoughts on what to look for when choosing one.   

Your Advisor is Likable:

There is no way to slice it, but this business is relationship based.  I recommend interviewing several.

No matter how great the product is, your personal advisor is just that..very personal.  

They should know a lot about you and how you will be living in these clothes.

With that comes good conversation and discovery.  

Make sure you actually want to spend some time with this person.

After all, you are leaving your personal brand in their hands.

The Advisor Should Have an Open Line of Communication:

I would recommend finding one with an open door/text/call policy. This is something that is incredibly valuable.  

Most people don’t shop in only one place and there will come a time when you might want to ask some advice.

This could be a size recommendation from a purchase online or a quick photo via text asking "does this work"?  

In no way should your advisor not help in that situation.

Find one who will always shoot you straight and tell you NO…not just what you want to hear.

Make sure you feel comfortable asking them anything clothing related, anytime. (Want my cell? Email me, I’m here for you)

The Advisor Always Makes it Right:

The human body is not perfect and making clothing for people is not always the easiest task.  

It’s a process and generally gets better over time.

That being said, if something lands and isn't perfect (I hate the word "perfect"), they should make it right.  

I’ve always had the mantra "I don’t always get it right but I always make it right".

It is the only way.

Find one who guarantees their work.

The Advisor Is Results Driven:

Make sure your advisor is setting you up for ALL the success….both personal and business.  

They want to make you feel amazing. They are presenting your best self to the world and they deeply care about that.  

Their goal is....
To make sure you feel awesome, everywhere you go...

To make sure you close more deals...

To make sure you make more money...

And, to make sure you rake in more compliments than you know what to do with.  All because your advisor cares.

OK, so if your advisor meets that criteria, you’re on the right path.

Wardrobe building is a journey and making sure the person in the car is singing the tunes WITH YOU will make for a much more enjoyable ride.

All the best-


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David Watkins