Outlast or Out Do?

During a recent client appointment, a customer and I had a conversation about his latest commission.

He was headed to an event and was to gather around his friends, co-workers and their wives and generally wanted to make an impression.

As we started looking at base fabrics for his suit, he kept bringing up the idea of "outdoing" or "I'm going to pop!". He was thinking something like a bright blue with bright pink pinstripe or something with bold colors would be best. 

I had to chime in.

"OK, OK...I know you're excited...but is it OK if I tell you my opinion"?

"Sure" he replied...

"OK, it's much better to outlast than to outdo."


"You see, I know you're excited about the event. I love how you are preparing ahead but think about your wardrobe now."

"You have some killer pieces, you always look sharp for work. You are "known" as a good dresser. People stop to ask about your gear. That's a good thing, right?" 

"Yes, of course!"

"OK, so let's stay the course and outlast these guys rather than outdo them". 

"Let's dial in on a suit you could use to round out the wardrobe. One that adds to your rock solid reputation, has the best fit, can be worn for years to come and is sure to garner compliments!" 

After some hesitation and consideration of fabrics, we settled on a damn good garment.

This week, I received a text from him. 

He was happy we decided to "outlast, rather than outdo" as he wore the suit again on a client trip shortly after his event. 

"What the hell was I thinking - that bright blue and bright pink pinstripe would have been terrible!" (laughing emoji).

Who knows? Maybe it would have worked...once. 

But it's always better to outlast than to outdo in my opinion.

Until next week...

- DW

Jesus Guillen