What's Your R O I?

Good morning, guys.  

The bakery owner has no idea what the return on investment of sweeping her floors will be. And yet, she does it first thing in the morning before customers arrive.

The Uber driver who diligently cleans his car for a few hours every weekend doesn’t directly associate the impact it will have on his constant stream of customers, but he makes the effort all the same.

The cafe owner may never meet the customer who admires the view from the cafe windows he cleans. But that doesn’t stop him from polishing out even the tiniest of smears.

We underestimate the value of the things we cannot quantify or track.

Your wardrobe is working in the same way. 

The way we do the work (get dressed) is how we present our story. 

How valuable can that be? 

It’s hard to quantify - but I can tell you from experience, it pays way more than not caring.

What’s your care level? 

All the best-


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Jesus Guillen