More Attention?

March already?  Crazy.

I’ve been thinking lately about "attention" and how our clothing can attract both the good and the bad.

Conventional wisdom dictates that if only more people knew about what I do and my services, or my ideas and my work, then I would be more successful.

Theres one problem with this…more people knowing me, my product, or my service exists does not necessarily translate into more "success". 

More awareness (likes?) doesn’t translate to more wins. (especially with social media)

Crucially, having the biggest audience doesn’t guarantee that I’ll attract the right audience.  Right?

We probably don’t need more brand awareness to build our reputation, one that sustains us beyond simply garnering more attention.

What I think we need, the business and the individual, is more resonance. 

When we prioritize resonance, we can serve the right people, in the right way. 

A way that’s truer to us.

And to do this, we have to be clear about who we are for and who we are not for.

I do this when thinking about our customer landscape. So many "fashion houses" are reaching for "looks" to garner attention. That’s not me. I know that.

You must understand what your right audience wants and needs, and be able to present yourself as the best option.

So, how can this help you? 

When crafting your wardrobe…know thyself…don’t chase trends and don’t get caught up in the attention game. 

Unless, of course, that is what your brand is built on. 

All the best-


New Spring Collection can be viewed here.

Jesus Guillen