Thoughts on Casual Dress

A few quick thoughts on casual dress.  Save this -- refer back when needed.

  • If you are ever uncertain: a white oxford shirt.

  • Pinstripe shirts are good. Windowpane and plaids are more casual. Use all 3.

  • Navy Blue or Baby Blue gingham. Trust me.

  • The NO’s: NO denim shorts. NO sports jerseys. NO graphic tees, especially with "sayings’ or "opinions". NO crocs. NO cargo shorts. (sorry) NO berets. NO squared toe shoes. NO velour.

  • Fitted is good. Slim everything. Skinny nothing.

  • Chinos will look their best a year into them. Get on them now. 

  • Small holes in jeans? OK. Small holes in anything else? Not OK.

  • When purchasing jeans, leave the artificial washes to someone else. The best way to break in a pair of jeans is to wear them as often as you can. Wash as sparingly as possible.

  • Casual shoes should not be "shiny" or "pointy".

  • A discreet paint or grass stain conveys a sense of lived-in comfort. Clothing with stains from food, dirt, wine, or bodily fluids should be discarded. 

  • Some items that pair nice with denim – ALWAYS -- Cotton button-down, solid T-shirt, brown loafers, navy-blue blazer, cashmere sweater, white sneakers.

  • Everything looks better with age. Except for white T-shirts and underwear.

  • Always tuck: polo and dress shirts that hang below your hip. 

  • Never tuck: sweaters. 

  • Turtlenecks are negotiable. Let’s have a chat before pulling the trigger.

  • Articles of clothing that you can dress up: polo shirts, khaki shorts, blue jeans, white sneakers.

  • Articles that you can never dress up: sports jerseys, track pants, wife beaters, Birkenstocks, and flip-flops. 

  • The only ribbed items a man should wear are socks and condoms, and he best not confuse the two.

  • A $40 pair of jeans can fit you just as well and look just as good as a $200 pair. They'll just take a whole lot longer for you to find.

  • Cotton is the universal language of casual clothing. Wear it anywhere.

  • I won’t say NEVER, but wearing more than one denim item at a time is risky. 

  • Khaki is a color. Chinos are a pair of pants. Know the difference but feel free to use the terms interchangeably.

  • Leather watch straps. Nylon watch straps. Both are good for casual.

  • No one you work with should ever see your toes or your nipples. Please dress accordingly.

  • Before you buy a cashmere sweater, touch the fabric and then rub your fingers together. If it imparts any residue or feels slippery, that's a sure sign of bad or even fake cashmere. That and the forty-nine-dollar price tag.

  • The best jeans have five pockets. Anything more or less and you're asking for trouble. 

  • If you see the words "Barbecue," "Come as you are," "Bring the kids," or "BYOB" on an invitation, dress casually. When in doubt, bring a navy-blue blazer. 

  • The greater the number of exclamation points on an invitation the more casual you can dress.

  • Even casual style demands good shoes. Loafers, boots, white canvas sneakers. 

  • Roll up your sleeves. But don’t stop at the wrist. You need to finish. 

  • The solid blue button-down shirt is perfect for just about any occasion. 

  • I'm OK with the baseball or 8 panel cap. But the golf branded cap is for the golf course. 

  • The overlap between active sportswear and casual party attire should be kept to an absolute minimum. Leave the neon shirts and pants for the links, the white tennis shorts to the courts, and the swimsuit at the pool.

  • Be careful with hooded anything. Functional outerwear aside.

  • Comfort is important. Just make sure EVERYTHING fits.

  • If you're on the shorter side, vertical pinstripes help stretch out your legs. As do shorter pants.

  • The best-dressed men always dress like themselves.

Would love to hear what you think. 

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