On Confidence

Hope you guys are having a splendid Sunday morning.  (Irish coffee, anyone?)

Let's talk confidence...

Generally speaking, confidence is a byproduct of our prior performance. 

Wardrobe confidence, in the same manner, is the evidence of what we’ve done in the past and where we’re currently at. 

Perhaps a few ill fitting blazers and some shirts to just get you by would equal low confidence. 

Investing in some great pieces, that you always feel good in, would equal higher confidence, right?

Confidence then, becomes our foundation.

Having confidence in your wardrobe allows you to think bigger. 

To have a brighter imagination when pairing items. 

To have a little more courage to wear something some might find daring.

And in order for us to have real confidence in our wardrobe, you not only need to succeed at what you’re doing you need to COMPLETE things. 

And in some cases, DROP some things.

If you’ve been avoiding this, then you’re not working with complete confidence. 

Avoidance means you’re living in and dragging the past with you. 

Don’t do that.

Confidence will come from being congruent with yourself, from doing the hard work (like shopping, or finding the colors that do work for you), from eliminating things that aren't working for you (you know what items those are)

And as you become congruent with yourself, and do the hard work, your confidence will soar.

And this my friend, will open your future up in amazing ways.

How can I help you stop avoiding and to start completing?

PS:  A mentor shared this with me this week, which pretty much sums up this entire note...

"Your success will have everything to do with how you perceive yourself, because how you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you too." -- Shout out Sherrie L. :)



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Jesus Guillen