Airport Style

Good morning!

It's easier than ever to look elegant and stylish without having to sacrifice much in the way of comfort these days.  

I have so many clients who spend a lot of time in airports, so I thought it fitting to touch on a few ideas to keep in mind when packing for your next trip.

Lets start at the bottom...


Choose kicks that are easy to get on and off.  Think Chelsea boot, sneakers and loafers.  So many styles today fit this category.  As always, you want get the best possible version.  Stay with whats versatile and most importantly well-made - this will equal comfort.  

If this is a business trip with a shorter flight, I'd suggest wearing your heaviest shoe for the trip - typically a dress shoe.  It's a small sacrifice to pay for looking better than everyone else, and not having to lug around a wingtip in the bag.


I'd avoid anything that involves a belt.  They kinda suck while sitting and breezing through security will be that much easier.  For the business traveler - bring your pants with side adjusters.  I personally feel they look better with a suit or sport coat and way more comfortable.  Alternatives would be a chino or soft denim.


Temps will vary.  So should your top half.  One minute you're running for the gate, the next sitting in an ice box.  Think about items that are easy on easy off (SPORTING COATS!)  Sweaters work well, vests, super soft tees...etc.  


I prefer going with casual tailoring for travel.  It looks great and is super comfortable.  It's why the ABBEYDALE product leans this way.  You can look tailored up and be just as comfortable as the guy in the sweat suit.  

Not to mention, the way you get treated in an airport in a sport coat is just different.  Right?

If you have some travel tips you think I should share with my audience, I'd love to hear them.  

There are some real road warriors among us.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen