I love a uniform.

So many guys get accused of being boring or predictable.  

"My wife wants me to get some shirts but says I need to add some color - get away from all blue and white". 

Can't tell you how many times I hear this.

You know why you like white and blue shirts?  They look amazing.  You feel comfortable.  They're easy to pair with everything in your closet - and you're getting them custom made - so the fit is winning.

So it's OK.  

I work in Uptown Charlotte and there are plenty of finance guys rolling around.  

Most, on a daily basis, show up in a dress shirt, trousers and a loafer.  

I dig it. It's a uniform.  It's easy.  It looks professional.  

What's wrong with that?  

Are 90% blue shirts and khakis...maybe.  But if that is what works for you and you feel good in you.

What we can't have is ill fitting.  That just doesn't work.

Stick to your uniform...execute it flawlessly and OWN it.  

I have a uniform.  

Solid suits (mostly blue) - solid white or blue shirts - stripe shirts with ties. 

The guy below had a uniform -- pretty extreme right?

You get the point.  

You have my permission to have a uniform.  

And if you're really into clothes and take great pride in mixing it up...that's OK, too.

That's your uniform.  

Own it.


Jesus Guillen