Defiance - Podcast

Well, this was fun.  

I was honored to have been featured on my good friend and clients podcast.  

The Defiance _ podcast was started by Mr. John Espey, a serial entrepreneur.

He's been involved in the creation, capital raising, expansion, and sale of multiple companies including Amentra, Nexgrid, Reward Summit, and most recently Levvel.  

Levvel was recently recognized by Inc as a top 6% fastest growing company on the Inc 5000 list, having grown to over 200 people in five years.   Amazing, right?

He's also invested in multiple early stage companies.  He's currently launching a new venture that invests in and starts technology companies and also does consulting to leading tech companies.  

As part of this venture he's started a podcast in which he interviews company founders in a variety of industries.  I'm honored to have been one of those.

Here is a summary of what we cover:

"John interviews David Watkins, founder of Abbeydale, an upscale mens clothing shop in Charlotte, NC. They discuss starting the business, growing it, some difficult decisions along the way, branding, building a global supply chain, and leveraging CRM and marketing automation to better serve customers. They also get into a detailed conversation about how men should build their wardrobe to maximize their presence."

Take a listen or a look (youtube) and let me know what you think! 
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With purpose,

David Watkins - Founder

Jesus Guillen