This is Jazz

Hands down the favorite part of my gig is is seeing a clients vision come to life. 

During an initial consultation I really try and see where my guy wants to be in 3 to 5 years. 

Developing a road that can change like the winds, but pointing the sails on an agreed upon destination. 

I've had the experience of seeing full confidence come to light and the motivation created by dressing well with this well appointed road map.

So, what does this take?

Not much. There is an old saying that I've used to describe an appointment with ABBEYDALE

"This is jazz".

There are no hard fast rules upon opening a conversation.

It's fluid and more importantly fun.

Conversations can be random but they all point to the life you lead and want to lead.

All of this helps in determining where you want to be and just knowing that can build confidence.

So what's stopping you?

Dress how you wish to be perceived and start thinking about your roadmap.

I'm always here to keep you on course.

With purpose,

David Watkins - Founder

Jesus Guillen