The Key To Dressing Well

Good morning,

I've written about certain pieces that need to be obtained and the rules of this and that...but I'm certain that todays topic is the number one element in the "formula" of dressing well. 


There is a misnomer that building your ideal wardrobe needs to be both expansive and expensive.

While there are varying degrees of quality in menswear (higher priced items tend to last much longer) the key to putting it all together isn't the money...its the day to day showing up thats required.

There are a few common themes that always come up when I notice how well someone dresses.

1/ Nothing is overbearing. Most operate with solids and let the fit do the talking.

2/ You see several pieces showing up on a consistent basis. That amazing navy suit, yeah wear the heck out of it.

3/ They focus on buying better and in turn, buy less. 

4/ They have a versatile wardrobe, where almost all of it can work together, in a variety of combinations.

5/ They show up - daily.  

Keep it simple, build on what works for you and keep it consistent. That's the takeaway.  

All the best-

David Watkins - Founder

Jesus Guillen