What Cloth For Summer?

A few days this week it was 95+ so pretty safe to say we are in the throws of Summer.  

No reason to fret's a quick rundown of hot weather cloth and how to integrate it into your wardrobe.  

I'm a big fan of separates this time of year...sporting coats and trousers being a mainstay...but summer cloth works well for suiting too.  Especially those hot weekend wedding affairs.  

You're going to want the bulk of your gear to be either tropical wool, linen or cotton.  A mix of wool, linen and silk work really well, too...with the addition of silk comes a wrinkle defender.


Open weave and lightweight.  I would aim for the weight of the cloth to be less than 275grams.  A go-to sport coat fabric would be hop sack or mesh weave...these open weaves breathe great.  

A larger weave, more textured option is best suited for sporting coats, while tighter wool weaves and twills are best reserved for suits and trousers.


Linen is perhaps the first cloth you think of when it comes to summer as it's generally only a seasonal fabric in most cities.
It breathes easy, is soft to the touch and has a distinguished casual look.  I love it.
Some, however, are put off by the wrinkling and I get it.  May not work for most corporate environments but as casual as things are these days in the workplace that excuse is dying fast.  
Linen may work best for jackets in the workplace, but not much is cooler than an off white linen trouser with brown shoes.  Spot on!


I find cotton an excellent summer trouser option as they hold a crease really well and the colors, especially darker, are rich in nature.  

I would definitely go for a lighter weight cotton (cottons are worn year round so be careful not to pick something too heavy).

One thing of note: Cotton ages beautifully...but over time will look more and more casual.  I always say cotton chinos look their best two years in.  That's because they are fading on the edges and seams and look nicely worn in.  

But...this may not work for the corporate types, so proceed with caution.

My favorite by far are jackets and trousers that share a little mix of wool - linen - silk or wool - cotton.

These have a beautiful hand with the best features of each cloth working well to form an excellent seasonal fabric.  

A mixed fabric will hang better than say a 100% linen or cotton jacket by the softness of the wool and silk mixed in.  

All of this is somewhat trial and error to land on what works best for you...but I will help as much as I can.  Just reach out.

Stay cool, stay stylish.

Linen / Wool / Silk shown below in an array of summer tones.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen