Utilizing Resources

Theres a good chance you understand I didn't choose this line of work to one day be able to buy an island.

I mean, service based business like mine rarely scale.  

Shaking hands with every dollar you make is fulfilling, but also time consuming.

So it's also safe to say, I'm in this to be a resource.  

And, I don't want that to go unused.

If you think all I do is "make suits'...well, I want to let you know it goes much deeper than that.

Stuck at the mall trying to decide between a navy or a gray shirt to go with your blue pants?  Text me.

Have a big event coming up but have no clue what "after work chic" is.  Let's work through it.

Piles of old clothes you can't decide if you should keep or toss.  I'll come see you.

One tool in my belt is making clothing custom for you.  But other resources you may be missing out on.

- Wardrobe styling
- Closet overhaul
- Open text / email policy for any and all questions.
- Beer / Coffee hangs
- Networking (I love introducing my clients to each other for mutual benefit)

I guess I wanted to take this time to let you know I'm here when you need me.  

Even if it has nothing to do with ABBEYDALE, I like to help.

Need my cell or have a quick question...reply and I'll get back ASAP.

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading!

All the best-


Jesus Guillen