Raising The Bar

What words would you use to describe your presence…your style? 

What words would others use to describe how they see you and how you present yourself to the world?

Take a second and think about that.

I do...especially now being a father. 

Do you like the words that first come to mind?

Are the words confident and aspirational? 

If not, how can we reframe that? 

What do you need to improve on or make extra effort on? 

Most of what I see in mens style is a pretty low bar centered around comfort. 

I get it, you want to feel comfortable. 

Me too. 

But as you know, there is more to creating presence than shooting for comfort. 

My grandfathers dress made a big impact on me. It’s something I still remember to this day. 

My man would put on a crispy dress shirt, a cardigan and slacks (with house shoes!) just to watch a race on Sunday. 

His bar was higher than most, but you get the point.

Where is your default setting? If you’re not happy with it, let’s raise it. 

Even the smallest changes can have big impact.

I have plenty I’m working on and getting help with. 

A big one is health and fitness. 

I want to drop a few and be "in shape".  Sure, to look good but mostly because I need to stay young.  

I'm an older longevity is important to me.

I’m putting in the effort and getting the help from those more knowledgable. 

If there is anything you need on the style front, hit me up. I think that's where I can help.

Happy Fathers Day to my father and all the others out there! 

Here’s to raising the bar, gents.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen