The Cost of Wardrobe Excellence

MONEY, let's get into it...

Please don’t equate wardrobe excellence with money.

When building out your wardrobe there are a few factors to focus on — the most important being fit.

But please do not confuse expensive with looking good. Quite the opposite, really.

Most high fashion brands are well versed in marketing ready to wear collections.

These rotate every 4 months and are pretty over priced for the quality they provide.

Wardrobe building (the efficient way) involves finding high quality (ideally custom) pieces that can be worn for years and years, trends be damned!

Now — fashion brands are excellent for inserting a little modern into your kit.

Think accessories - shoes - maybe a shirt here and there — but foundational items like your navy sport coat or charcoal suit are better left to a maker that focuses on quality, fit and ultimately longevity— not the runway.

Make no mistake - I love designers. They are essential to move the market forward. To force us to rethink proportions, to challenge us, to have some fun.

But there has never been a well dressed man that’s earned the title of "best" that chases trends and switched up his look constantly.

Have a constancy or purpose. Focus on the fit, not the fashion, and you’ll be charting the right path.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen