Take Care

This week a topic kept popping up, so I wanted to use this as a refresher...on keeping your suits fresh.

I'm always surprised with how many gents constantly get there suits dry bueno :(

Only clean your suit when it's physically dirty or stinky – not when you think it may be.

It shouldn't be looked at like a t-shirt or a pair of chinos, that can handle a good home wash after every wear.

Wool suiting is organic and naturally fights bacteria that creates those weird smells.

Protocol should be wear and then immediately hang up.

Let's not wear a suit two days in a row. It’s a good idea to allow the garment to catch its breath.

Now, if you've soiled your suit, or spilled something on it, then yeah, it may be time.

But I would advise trying spot cleaning it first.

Dry cleaning is a chemical wash that can wear down the fabric if you do it too often.

The chemical process from dry cleaning scrapes the surface layer and begins to weaken the fabric.

Have a suit that's become shiny? That's why.

If you decide you definitely need to go the dry cleaning route, do the trousers and jacket at the same time. It's imperative to keep the coloring identical.

If your suit only needs to be refreshed (being super wrinkled is a main driver for dry cleaning, when it really just needs a touch up), then seek out a professional to have it "steamed and pressed".

This is much cheaper than dry cleaning, and the heat and steam will kill most of the bacteria cleaning it sufficiently in most cases.

It's also way better on the drape and the rolling lapel of the jacket, as many times this is done by hand.

I have several suits that are a few years old that I've never dry cleaned.

Most of those have been steamed plenty of times.

Which leads me to my last point.

There are some really good steamers for in home use.

I've found them to be a valuable tool to protect your wardrobe.

They work great on suits, shirts, pants, even tees!

Especially smart for lazy cats like me who just really don't like to iron.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen