Why Is Being Authentic So Hard?

"Why is being authentic so hard?"

The philosophy behind this question is the reason why some have built great wardrobes that truly reflect who they are, and well, some of us struggle with this.

Let me explain...

There's nothing "authentic" about dressing well unless you've been raised by someone who dressed well.

It's going to feel weird as hell when you start putting in the effort.

It's not going to feel like you.

And it may actually suck.

It's going to be completely inauthentic as none of us are really born with the ability to do this.

And let's be honest -- are you currently your ideal self?

I know I'm not.

But that's the key to self-development -- you need to become your ideal self, which by definition, is inauthentic.

The best way to grow is to do things which make you uncomfortable. You need to fight the feeling of inauthenticity, or you won't succeed.

And then, what would be deemed a "success"?

It will vary with each of us…but to me, wardrobe utopia is when you love everything in the closet, and it all works together (short version)

If your ideal self is a consistently sharp cat, who has a presence and has learned what works for you, you're going to have to become comfortable with doing things that feel a little inauthentic.

And that's the goal.

Every day it gets easier.

Every chance with an outfit gets you one step closer.

Then one day, you're like dang…" I feel pretty good about my closet. Can't imagine not having these items".

Let's work together on these items, which allow us to create a presence, authentically.

All the best-


Jesus Guillen